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Small Steps to BIG DREAMS

This package includes

  • Small steps to Big dreams w/  bonus Big Group Secrets  (BOTH E-WROKBOOKS)

  • 90 min class led by Dr. Tara L. Paige 

  • 30 Q&A w/ The Patio Chic 

Big Group Secrets

Hey there suga!  Welcome to my Big Group Secrets' Audit.  I am excited that you decided to tap into building a community.  When you build your own community it is all yours!  Create, nurture and grow is the name of the game.  You have a created..(YAYYYY YOU!)  I am going to audit your nurturing and give you some tips to help you start growing today.  ARE YOU READY?

The Patio Chic's
DIY Patio Design Guide

Creating a patio space that you love can sometimes overwhelm you.

Which colors, what type of rug, should I use prints???


There are so many questions! No worries, I have all the answers in this simple to follow guide to creating a Patio space you will love.

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